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Current favourite body product reviews (Kiehls,Rituals,the Body Shop)

I love body cream and butter, I used them all year around regardless what country, what season I am. I also use body oil as well, but that deserves another post.  Let’s get on the subject. I generally like body cream that is creamy texture, it delivers rich hydration, and it has herbal or plant scent. As much I love perfume, but i don’t like those perfume body creams match the fragrance. I just find those has too much alcohol and preservatives in it, and they normally don’t nourish skin well.  
I have tried a lot body creams , the follow three are I use the most at the moment; they are Kiehls Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter, Rituals Magic Touch Organic Cherry & Rice Milk Whipped Body Cream, and The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter

My least favourite between these three body creams is the Rituals Magic Touch Organic Cherry & Rice Milk Whipped Body Cream (As the picture below).

 I brought this mainly because it has rice milk; I love everything that contains rice ingredient which it’s one of the best natural remedies. The body cream has strong cherry scent that stays long, also it does moisturise very well. Only problem I have is when I apply to my skin, I can feel the coldness of the alcohol from the cream. However, there is no alcohol smell.  Also, because the fact that this is a cream product, sometimes it isn’t give me enough hydration for my dry skin. Price tag is around £12 for 200ml, which I think its reasonable price, considering it’s a paraben free product (according to the Rituals store). 

Would I buy it again? I have to say no because the strange coldness. If you don’t mind the coldness, and you love cheery scent (STRONG), and you have normal skin, I think this is worth a try. 

Now, I must say which one is my favourite, because this is actually why I found the other one.  You probably know which one, yes, it’s the Kiehls Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter.
(As the picture below)


The texture of this butter is like DREAM!!  It leaves me all day moisturise. You probably think it look so thick, but actually it isn’t. The butter glazes on the skin smoothly without any sticky feeling afterward. Also, I can see my skin has health glow in a way. The last best part of this product is the scent, well, I might just copy what it says on the jar: addictive!  This mixture of Soy milk and Honey! I would hold this in my hand all day long. My boyfriend also loves the smell, and said to me: “ oh, you smell like a cake.”  
Now, the down side is this 226g jar selling at £35. I know it’s Kiehls, it supposes to be expensive. But £35 price tag is just out of law for a jar of body butter. I am 5’6 tall person, use body butter every single day, you can do the math. This little jar doesn’t last more than 2months. So, avoiding to spend£35 every 2 month on a body butter, I found a solution. 

Here is where the Body Shop Papaya Body Butter comes in. I use this every other day, and use the Kiehls one between those days.
(As the picture below)

                                           £12 for 196g, but it was on sale for £6

 I am not saying the body shop one is dupe for the Kiehls one, in fact, I would say it only half way close. Nevertheless, the Body Shop one does the job to my dry skin, it goes on also nicely on my skin. And the papaya is supppper wonderful too ( If you are not papaya lover, don’t go for this one, it’s like a real papaya in front of you).  When I apply this butter, I found that I need more product than the Kiehls one, and it doesn’t last for very long. But hey, £6 price tag would help me to save a number of £35!

So, to sum up, I will always have a jar of Kiehls Whipped body butter with me, I love it that much even it comes with the ££££!! But I also think the Body shop butter one is good alternative one to cooperate with, so yes, I would surely buy the the Body shop papaya butter again.
I hope this is a helpful review to you all. 

Thank you for reading.

Yi :)

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vanessita6xx said...

Wowww 35 pounds is such a scary price tag for the Kiehls.. but it really is such a gorgeous product!! I use the Body shop butters too on a daily basis, much more economical!! Oohh the papaya one smells like summer :)

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog too!! Muchh lovee y besos xxx

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